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Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Alaska Open Tournament

Hi Juneau Golfers,

I finally got the photos from the 2017 Alaska Open titled and in categories ... hope you enjoy them. The link is at the end of this post.

This was the first time the Juneau Golf Club held its Alaska Open Tournament at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa in Tubac, Arizona, near Tucson. The sunshine didn't disappoint us as it was out in full force ... apparently about 15 degrees warmer than normal which was kind of tough on some Alaskans coming down from Juneau, Alaska! The chairman of the tournament will be speaking with the resort to see if some changes can be made to help with the extreme heat problem. On two days we had to start at noon which put us into the high heat of the day.

I added photos of the beautiful venue ... authentic Southwest architecture and décor. All rooms are in small buildings and there are gathering areas between the buildings for socializing. There are three 9-hole golf courses so we played different combinations throughout the tournament. We had breakfast on two mornings, a group dinner and the awards banquet in a very nice room that looked out on the golf course. There is a cantina by the club house for breakfast or lunch. A very nice restaurant onsite serves all meals, and is connected to a full-service bar. Patio seating for the bar and restaurant is also available and looks out on the golf course.

The first day was a Best Ball Scramble, and the winners were:

1st Place: David George, Dave Hunt, Carl Christensen, Barb Whiting
2nd Place: Tony Chadwick, Tim Whiting, Sandy Sturrock, Kristi Peel
3rd Place: Dot Walker, Marty Michiels, Seth Howard, Jack Bodine

Days 2-4 were tournament play with the following winners:

Men's Low Gross: Gary Murdoch
Men's Low Net: Tony Chadwick (sponsored by Dick & Candy Behrends of Behrends Mechanical)
Men's A Flight: 1st place, Steve Burnett - 2nd place, Rob Worden - 3rd place, David George
Men's B Flight: 1st place, John Mangusso - 2nd place, Steve Houlihan - 3rd place, Kim Custer
Men's C Flight: 1st place, Mitch Falk - 2nd place, Dave Asselstine - 3rd place, Rob Bentz

Senior's Low Gross: Tim Mitchell
Senior's A Flight: 1st place, George Mangini - 2nd place, Steve Schlaffman - 3rd place, Jim Topolski
Senior's B Flight: 1st place, Tim Whiting - 2nd place, Larry Schutt - 3rd place, Lou Edwards

Women's Low Gross: Dot Walker
Women's Low Net: Jan Topolski (sponsored by Doug & Nancy Courtney of Alaska Commercial Contractors)
Women's A Flight: 1st place, Brenda Asselstine - 2nd place, Chris Kramer - 3rd place, Karen Muench
Women's B Flight: 1st place, Kristi Peel - 2nd place, Kris Burnett - 3rd place, Laura Beason

Other skill winnings can be found on our juneaugolf.com website.

A huge thank you to Alison Elgee who (according to Co-Chair Doug Rickey) did most of the work, and to Leslie and Jeff Hansen who were the local support and made the great banquet centerpieces, and Laura Beason who once again provided invaluable tech support and prior tournament knowledge support. Also thank you to Candy Behrends who provided photos from the first day's scramble and to Jim Jacobsen and Shana Ferguson for photographing the 3 days of tournament play and the banquet. In spite of nearly chopping off her thumb, Shana was there in her usual good spirits!  The link to the photos of this 2017 Alaska Open is:

I hope you enjoy them and that they provide good memories of a good time in Tubac!

Barb Whiting, Webmaster

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2008 Alaskan Open - The Players
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