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Friday, October 13, 2017

2017 Fall Memorial Tournament

The Juneau Golf Club sponsored the annual Fall Memorial Tournament in September, 2017 at Eagle Crest Golf Resort in Redmond, Oregon.

The same format for four days of golf was followed with the first day being a Best Ball Scramble and the other 3 days were tournament play.

Winners were as follows:

Men's Low Net - Rob Worden
Men's Low Gross - David George
Men's A Flight: 1st place, Steve Burnett; 2nd place, Jeff Bush; 3rd place, Ed Birchell
Men's B Flight: 1st place, Steve Houlihan; 2nd place, Harvy Johnson; 3rd place, Kim Custer
Men's C Flight: 1st place, Pat Eggers; 2nd place, Bill Cameron; 3rd place, Doug Rickey
Senior's Low Gross - Ken Wiedrich
Senior's A Flight: 1st place, Bob Hungerford; 2nd place, John Rear; 3rd place, Greg Winegar
Senior's B Flight: 1st place, Dewey Ransom; 2nd place, Bob Gallagher; 3rd place, Larry Schutt
Women's Low Net - Pam Christensen
Women's Low Gross - Dot Walker
Women's A Flight: 1st place, Brenda Asselstine; 2nd place, Diane Mayer; 3rd place, Leslie Hansen
Women's B Flight: 1st place, Alison Elgee; 2nd place, Nancy Courtney; 3rd place, Donna Schultz
Winners of the Scramble and other skills contests can be found on the "Tournament Scores" page of our JuneauGolf.com website.
Our photographers Candy Behrends and Shana Ferguson suffered illness and broken bones so we don't have as many photos as usual, but we are thankful for the ones we did get. A great photo of our injured photographer in her leg brace is in the photos. Thank you, Shana Ferguson, for going the extra mile!
Thank you to Steve and Kris Burnett for putting on another great tournament ... it was great to be in the sunshine with so many friends! And thank you to all our wonderful sponsors for this event that benefits the Juneau Junior Golf Club.
At the banquet we paid tribute to the golfers who recently passed away: Bill Buonamassa, Mike Grummett, Mike Sweeney, and Bob Hurley.
You can view the photos on the Flickr.com website from this link:
Looking forward to the next tournament in March in Tubac, Arizona!
Barb Whiting, JGC Webmaster

Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Alaska Open Tournament

Hi Juneau Golfers,

I finally got the photos from the 2017 Alaska Open titled and in categories ... hope you enjoy them. The link is at the end of this post.

This was the first time the Juneau Golf Club held its Alaska Open Tournament at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa in Tubac, Arizona, near Tucson. The sunshine didn't disappoint us as it was out in full force ... apparently about 15 degrees warmer than normal which was kind of tough on some Alaskans coming down from Juneau, Alaska! The chairman of the tournament will be speaking with the resort to see if some changes can be made to help with the extreme heat problem. On two days we had to start at noon which put us into the high heat of the day.

I added photos of the beautiful venue ... authentic Southwest architecture and d├ęcor. All rooms are in small buildings and there are gathering areas between the buildings for socializing. There are three 9-hole golf courses so we played different combinations throughout the tournament. We had breakfast on two mornings, a group dinner and the awards banquet in a very nice room that looked out on the golf course. There is a cantina by the club house for breakfast or lunch. A very nice restaurant onsite serves all meals, and is connected to a full-service bar. Patio seating for the bar and restaurant is also available and looks out on the golf course.

The first day was a Best Ball Scramble, and the winners were:

1st Place: David George, Dave Hunt, Carl Christensen, Barb Whiting
2nd Place: Tony Chadwick, Tim Whiting, Sandy Sturrock, Kristi Peel
3rd Place: Dot Walker, Marty Michiels, Seth Howard, Jack Bodine

Days 2-4 were tournament play with the following winners:

Men's Low Gross: Gary Murdoch
Men's Low Net: Tony Chadwick (sponsored by Dick & Candy Behrends of Behrends Mechanical)
Men's A Flight: 1st place, Steve Burnett - 2nd place, Rob Worden - 3rd place, David George
Men's B Flight: 1st place, John Mangusso - 2nd place, Steve Houlihan - 3rd place, Kim Custer
Men's C Flight: 1st place, Mitch Falk - 2nd place, Dave Asselstine - 3rd place, Rob Bentz

Senior's Low Gross: Tim Mitchell
Senior's A Flight: 1st place, George Mangini - 2nd place, Steve Schlaffman - 3rd place, Jim Topolski
Senior's B Flight: 1st place, Tim Whiting - 2nd place, Larry Schutt - 3rd place, Lou Edwards

Women's Low Gross: Dot Walker
Women's Low Net: Jan Topolski (sponsored by Doug & Nancy Courtney of Alaska Commercial Contractors)
Women's A Flight: 1st place, Brenda Asselstine - 2nd place, Chris Kramer - 3rd place, Karen Muench
Women's B Flight: 1st place, Kristi Peel - 2nd place, Kris Burnett - 3rd place, Laura Beason

Other skill winnings can be found on our juneaugolf.com website.

A huge thank you to Alison Elgee who (according to Co-Chair Doug Rickey) did most of the work, and to Leslie and Jeff Hansen who were the local support and made the great banquet centerpieces, and Laura Beason who once again provided invaluable tech support and prior tournament knowledge support. Also thank you to Candy Behrends who provided photos from the first day's scramble and to Jim Jacobsen and Shana Ferguson for photographing the 3 days of tournament play and the banquet. In spite of nearly chopping off her thumb, Shana was there in her usual good spirits!  The link to the photos of this 2017 Alaska Open is:

I hope you enjoy them and that they provide good memories of a good time in Tubac!

Barb Whiting, Webmaster

Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 Fall Memorial Tournament

Hi Juneau Golfers,

Another successful tournament took place in September, 2016 with 67 golfers enjoying the warm Oregon fall weather. 

A big thank you to Steve and Kris Burnett for chairing this tournament, along with their committee of Rusty Shaub and Laura Beason. It takes a lot of work and is sincerely appreciated!  Another big thank you goes to Dick and Candy Behrends who rode around the courses photographing our antics while we golfed.  At the end of this blog is a link to those photos ... I hope you enjoy them!

Also we would like to thank our sponsors:

Bullwinkle’s Pizza Parlor                          Mitch Falk                               907 586-8988
Alaska Commercial Contractors             Doug Courtney                      907 500-9993
PND Engineers                                           Chris Gianotti                        907 586-2093
     Taku Glacier Lodge                      `            Ken and Michelle Ward       907 586-6275
     Doug and Charlotte Scudder                   Doug Scudder                        907 463-1950
     Behrends Mechanical                               Dick Behrends                       907 780-6766
     Alaska Seaplanes                                       Carl Ramseth                         907 789-7880
     Jerry’s Meats & Seafood’s                         Scott Perkins                         907 789-5142
     Jack’s Plumbing & Heating                        John Schoenmann                907 780-4170
     Baxter, Bruce & Sullivan                            Dan Bruce                               907 789-3166
     North Pacific Erectors, Inc.                       Jim Williams                           907 364-3288
     Chatham Electric, Inc.                               Ralph Kibby                             907 789 9899
     Elgee Rehfeld and Mertz                          George Elgee                          907 789-3178
     Murray and Associates                             Doug Murray                          800 457-0220

     Alaska Marine Lines                                  Neal Murphy                           907 586-3790
     Parker, Smith & Feek                                 Scott McGilvray                      800 457-0220
     Alaska Electric Light & Power                   Tim McCloud                          907 780-2222
     Wings Airways                                            Bob Jacobsen                         907 586-5275
     M/V Sea Mount                                          Dan Rear                                 907 752-0505
     Alaska Marine Lines                                   Neal Murphy                          907 586-3790
     Crowley Petroleum Distribution              Nelson Bjork                           907 586-1276
     Alaska Insulation Supply                           Terry Philley                            907 563-4125

Other Contributors:  Alaskan Brewing Company & Cycle Alaska
Winners of this tournament were:
Men's low Gross, Jeff Hansen; Senior's Low Gross, Tony Chadwick; Women's Low Gross, Diane Mayer
Men's A Flight - 1st place, Bob Peel; 2nd place, Steve Houlihan; 3rd place tie, Jeff Bush and Lucas Turi
Men's B Flight - 1st place, Steve Burnett; 2nd place, Ken Ward; 3rd place, Pete Christensen
Men's C Flight - 1st place, Carl Christensen; 2nd place, Garry Young; 3rd place, Brian Parker
Senior's A Flight - 1st place, Dick Williams; 2nd place, Ken Wiedrich; 3rd place tie, George Mangini, Bob Storer
Senior's B Flight - 1st place, Tim Whiting; 2nd place, Sandy Sturrock; 3rd place, Bob Hungerford
Women's A Flight - 1st place, Pam Christensen; 2nd place, Donna Schultz; 3rd place, Shana Ferguson
Women's B Flight - 1st place, Alison Elgee; 2nd place, Jan Burgman; 3rd place, Nancy Courtney
Congratulations to the winners ... check out the golf club's website for more details of other contests in the tournament.

Photos of this tournament can be viewed at:

Thanks again to all who attended, to those who did the hard work to put it together, our photographers, and to our sponsors! 
Barb Whiting
JGC Webmaster


Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 Alaska Open

Hey Juneau Golfers ...

Perfect temperatures greeted the Juneau golfers for the 2016 Alaska Open at Sycuan Golf Resort in El Cajon, California last March. It was good to see everyone and enjoy golf at the same time!


Men's Low Gross - Gary Murdoch
Men's A Flight - 1st Place, Rob Worden - 2nd Place, Steve Burnett - 3rd Place, Jeff Bush
Men's B Flight - 1st Place, Tim Dimond - 2nd Place, Brian Parker - 3rd Place, Kim Custer
Men's C Flight - 1st Place, David Asselstine - 2nd Place, Doug Rickey - 3rd Place, Randy Lail

Senior Men's A Flight - 1st Place, Bob Winter - 2nd Place, Tony Chadwick - 3rd Place, Dick Williams
Senior Men's B Flight - 1st Place, Tim Whiting - 2nd Place, John Stepp - 3rd Place, Lou Edwards

Women's Low Gross - Dorothy Walker
Women's A Flight - 1st Place, Laura Beason - 2nd Place, Susan Ellis - 3rd Place, Brenda Asselstine
Women's B Flight - 1st Place, Anna Marg Rear - 2nd Place, Alison Elgee - 3rd Place, Kristi Peel

Scramble Team Winners:
1st Place - 71 - Dorothy Walker, John Stepp, Greg Winegar
2nd Place - 72 - Jeff Bush, Doug Rickey, John Rear, Lou Edwards
3rd Place - 73 - Bob Winter, Anna Marg Rear, Susan Ellis, Brian Parker

Straightest Drive: Randy Lail, Kim Custer, John Etheridge, Dorothy Walker, Alison Elgee
Closest to the Pin: Tim Dimond, Paul Topness, Ted Thorp, Brenda Asselstine, Alison Elgee

Putting Competition:
1st Place: Doug Rickey
2nd Place: Gary Murdoch
3rd Place: Bob Peel
4th Place: John Niemi
5th Place: Kim Custer

Thank you, John and Nena Niemi for co-chairing this last tournament at Sycuan. A lot of work goes into making the tournaments happen, and we are thankful for your participation!

Thanks also to Steve Burnett who ran the putting competition, and to Kim and Tish Custer who added a bit of evening excitement with their "putt in the dark" contest which was won by Gary Murdoch. Cheryl Christensen and Barbara Belknap were out on the course snapping photos of the golfers and surroundings, and we thank you two for capturing the good times!

Here is a link to the 2016 Alaska Open photos ... hope you enjoy them. You may need to "copy and paste" the link to your browser:
We are now looking forward to our next tournament in September at Tubac Golf Resort in Arizona!

Barb Whiting
JGC Webmaster

Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Fall Memorial Tournament

Hey, Juneau Golfers ...

So there we were, all happy and everything that we were in the warm sunshine! It was, after all, beautiful Redmond, Oregon, not rainy Juneau Alaska. However, it didn't last long ... raingear, umbrellas for the golf clubs, layers upon layers of clothes, warm hats and gloves ... those were the choices for Juneau's golfers in the 2015 Fall Memorial Tournament at Eagle Crest Golf Resort.  However, it didn't dampen the spirits of these true Alaska golfers ... the games went on as scheduled with much merriment in between games!  Here's a recap of the winners:

Men's Low Gross: Gary Murdoch
Men's A Flight: 1st place: Tony Chadwick; 2nd place: Guy Thibodeau; 3rd place: David George
Men's B Flight: 1st place: Steve Burnett; 2nd place: Steve Houlihan; 3rd place: Rob Worden
Men's C Flight: 1st place: Brian Parker; 2nd place: Dave Asselstine; 3rd place: Rob Bentz

Senior Men's Low Gross: Tim Mitchell
Sr. Men's A Flight: 1st place: Dick Williams; 2nd place: Greg Winegar; 3rd place: Tim Whiting
Sr. Men's B Flight: 1st place: Don Cowling; 2nd place: Bob Storer; 3rd place: Bob Hungerford

Women's Low Gross: Dot Walker
Women's A Flight: 1st place: Brenda Asselstine; 2nd place: Uyvonne Mangini; 3rd place: Laura Beason
Women's B Flight: 1st place: Shirley Gallagher; 2nd place: Kris Burnett; 3rd place: Jan Burgman

Scramble team winners:
1st place: Tim Nierman, Scott McGilvary, Dick Behrends, Eric Swanson
2nd place: Gary Murdoch, Shirley Gallagher, Al Christensen, Ted Thorp
3rd place: George Mangini, Donna Schultz, John Etheridge, Dick Williams

Straightest Drives: Brenda Asselstine, Dick Behrends, Laura Beason, Tony Chadwick, Dot Walker, Don Cowling
Closest to the pin: Brenda Asselstine, Dave Hunt, Pam Christensen, Jeff Bush, Laura Beason

$250 putt was made by Steve Houlihan; $250 chip was made by Al Christensen.

The putting competition during the Registration Reception had a tie by Dot Walker and Bob Peel.

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST BY ANY MEANS ... BOB PEEL SUNK A PUTT AND WON $10,000 (yes, you read that right ... ten thousand dollars). Congratulations, Bob!!

Once again, a big huge thank you to Steve and Kris Burnett, chairs of this tournament. They did an outstanding job and have agreed to chair the next fall tournament in 2016!  Another big huge thank you goes to Candy Behrends who faithfully appeared each day, even in the rain, to capture the good and sometimes the bad (and funny) poses that our golfers did for her. I have added this wonderful collection of photos to the Flickr site, and you can view them here:
I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you haven't attended one of our tournaments, I hope you consider it in the future.  We do have fun!!

Barb Whiting
JGC Webmaster

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 Alaska Open Tournament

Hello Juneau golfers ... here is an update on the great time we had at the 2015 Alaska Open Tournament, sponsored by the Juneau Golf Club in Juneau, Alaska. The tournament was once again held in March at the beautiful Sycuan Golf Resort in El Cajon, California (near San Diego).

64 golfers competed in the tournament made up of 35 men in 3 flights, 14 senior men in 2 flights and 15 women in 2 flights, arranged by handicap. The first day was a Best Ball Scramble mixing up all men and women to make foursomes of pretty equal handicaps. The next three days were for tournament play, playing for top three net scores in each flight. Prizes were also awarded for low gross for men and women.

Congratulations to the following winners, PLUS Diane Mayer who got a hole-in-one!

Low Gross Men: Gary Murdoch
Men's A Flight with adjusted handicaps ranging from 3.9 to 19.5 - 1st Place, Doug Belknap; 2nd Place, Tony Chadwick; 3rd Place, Guy Thibodeau
Men's B Flight with adjusted handicaps ranging from 20.2 to 27.3 - 1st Place, Mike Gabel; 2nd Place, Steve Burnett; 3rd Place, Lucas Turi
Men's C Flight with adjusted handicaps ranging from 27.6 to 39.0 - 1st Place, Pat Eggers; 2nd Place, Rob Bentz; 3rd Place, Jim Williams
Senior Men's A Flight (65+ yrs.) with adjusted handicaps ranging from 8.1 to 24.7 - 1st Place, Dick Williams; 2nd Place, Dan Rear; 3rd Place, Tim Mitchell
Senior Men's B Flight (65+ yrs.) with adjusted handicaps ranging from 26.8 to 42.1 - 1st Place, Duane Burnet; 2nd Place, Al Christensen; 3rd Place, Al Walker
Low Gross Women: Dot Walker
Women's A Flight with adjusted handicaps ranging from 17.0 to 36.0 - 1st Place, Laura Beason; 2nd Place, Donna Schultz; 3rd Place, Diane Mayer
Women's B Flight with adjusted handicaps ranging from 36.9 - 49.0 - 1st Place, Kristi Peel; 2nd Place, Alison Elgee; 3rd Place, Annie Daniels

Winning Scramble Teams: 1st Place, Greg Winegar, Mike Gabel, Dewey Ransom, Nena Niemi; 2nd Place: Bob Winter, John Rear, Larry Schutt, Barb Whiting; 3rd Place: Rob Worden, Ken Ward, Judy Lentz, Kristi Peel

We had a reception with food prepared by the resort while golfers gathered to sign in, confirming their registration. We had two dinners during the event. While golfers got ready to play, Candy Behrends was busy getting candid photos of the events, and took photos of each group on the course. She's very creative, so I hope you enjoy her photos that I have uploaded to Flickr. If you hover over the photos, it will tell who is in the photo, and there is a section of photos that I just couldn't resist commenting on ... check them out and you'll get an idea of the fun we all had!

Here are the photos ... hope you enjoy them and get an idea of what the tournament is all about ... FUN ... and hope to see you at the next one at Eagle Crest Golf Resort in Redmond, Oregon in September!  Get more info about that tournament at our website: JuneauGolf.com.

Barb Whiting
JuneauGolf.com Webmaster

Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Fall Memorial Tournament - Redmond, Oregon

The 2014 Fall Memorial Tournament was held again in Redmond, Oregon at the beautiful Eagle Crest Golf Resort. We played on three different courses, the Ridge Course, the Challenge Course and the Resort Course. During registration and the welcome reception we had a putting contest, won by David George.

On the first day of the tournament we played a "Best Ball Scramble" with teams made up of 4 people calculated by handicaps so all teams were relatively equal. The Scramble was won by the team comprised of Jeff Bush, Eric Swanson and Bob Hungerford. Second place was won by Tim Mitchell, Barb Whiting, Justin Burns and Doug Courtney. Third place was won by Dan Rear, Jan Burgman, Sandy Sturrock and Doug Macaulay.

The three day tournament made up of several flights for men, senior men, and women came up with the following winners:

Men's Low Gross: Doug Belknap
Men's A Flight: 1st Place - Ed Burchell; 2nd Place - Tony Chadwick; 3rd Place - Steve Houlihan
Men's B Flight: 1st Place - John Niemi; 2nd Place -  Ted Thorp; 3rd Place -  Charlie Lewis
Men's C Flight: 1st Place - John Etheridge; 2nd Place - Dewey Ransom; 3rd Place - Brian Parker
Senior's Low Gross: Tim Mitchell
Senior's A Flight: 1st Place - Dick Williams; 2nd Place Tie - Larry Schutt and Sandy Sturrock
Senior's B Flight: 1st Place - John Stepp; 2nd Place - John Bean; 3rd Place - Bob Hungerford
Women's Low Gross: Dot Walker
Women's A Flight: 1st Place - Donna Schultz; 2nd Place - Diane Mayer; 3rd Place Tie - Linda Bruch and Nena Niemi
Women's B Flight: 1st Place - Laura Beason; 2nd Place - Brenda Asselstine; 3rd Place - Pam Christensen

You can get more details of tournament scores on the JuneauGolf.com website.

For photos from this tournament, go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/juneaugolf/collections/72157649207441689/ to see how much fun we all have at the tournaments.

Until next time ... Happy Golfing!

Barb Whiting

The setting ... Francisco Grande Resort & Golf Course

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2008 Alaskan Open - The Players

2008 Alaskan Open - The Players
Francisco Grande Resort, Casa Grande, AZ

Tournament Co-Chairs

Tournament Co-Chairs
Steve Schlaffman

Cindy Schlaffman

On the Francisco Grande Golf Course

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Sue Ogden's Golf Photos

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Relaxing after a hard day golfing

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2008 Alaskan Open - Dinners and Banquet

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2008 Alaskan Open Top Winners

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