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Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Fall Memorial Tournament

Hey, Juneau Golfers ...

So there we were, all happy and everything that we were in the warm sunshine! It was, after all, beautiful Redmond, Oregon, not rainy Juneau Alaska. However, it didn't last long ... raingear, umbrellas for the golf clubs, layers upon layers of clothes, warm hats and gloves ... those were the choices for Juneau's golfers in the 2015 Fall Memorial Tournament at Eagle Crest Golf Resort.  However, it didn't dampen the spirits of these true Alaska golfers ... the games went on as scheduled with much merriment in between games!  Here's a recap of the winners:

Men's Low Gross: Gary Murdoch
Men's A Flight: 1st place: Tony Chadwick; 2nd place: Guy Thibodeau; 3rd place: David George
Men's B Flight: 1st place: Steve Burnett; 2nd place: Steve Houlihan; 3rd place: Rob Worden
Men's C Flight: 1st place: Brian Parker; 2nd place: Dave Asselstine; 3rd place: Rob Bentz

Senior Men's Low Gross: Tim Mitchell
Sr. Men's A Flight: 1st place: Dick Williams; 2nd place: Greg Winegar; 3rd place: Tim Whiting
Sr. Men's B Flight: 1st place: Don Cowling; 2nd place: Bob Storer; 3rd place: Bob Hungerford

Women's Low Gross: Dot Walker
Women's A Flight: 1st place: Brenda Asselstine; 2nd place: Uyvonne Mangini; 3rd place: Laura Beason
Women's B Flight: 1st place: Shirley Gallagher; 2nd place: Kris Burnett; 3rd place: Jan Burgman

Scramble team winners:
1st place: Tim Nierman, Scott McGilvary, Dick Behrends, Eric Swanson
2nd place: Gary Murdoch, Shirley Gallagher, Al Christensen, Ted Thorp
3rd place: George Mangini, Donna Schultz, John Etheridge, Dick Williams

Straightest Drives: Brenda Asselstine, Dick Behrends, Laura Beason, Tony Chadwick, Dot Walker, Don Cowling
Closest to the pin: Brenda Asselstine, Dave Hunt, Pam Christensen, Jeff Bush, Laura Beason

$250 putt was made by Steve Houlihan; $250 chip was made by Al Christensen.

The putting competition during the Registration Reception had a tie by Dot Walker and Bob Peel.

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST BY ANY MEANS ... BOB PEEL SUNK A PUTT AND WON $10,000 (yes, you read that right ... ten thousand dollars). Congratulations, Bob!!

Once again, a big huge thank you to Steve and Kris Burnett, chairs of this tournament. They did an outstanding job and have agreed to chair the next fall tournament in 2016!  Another big huge thank you goes to Candy Behrends who faithfully appeared each day, even in the rain, to capture the good and sometimes the bad (and funny) poses that our golfers did for her. I have added this wonderful collection of photos to the Flickr site, and you can view them here:
I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you haven't attended one of our tournaments, I hope you consider it in the future.  We do have fun!!

Barb Whiting
JGC Webmaster

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